This book is the last of the six-volume series, which provides an extensive coverage of Physical Chemistry. Each volume includes a large number of illustrative numericals and typical problems to highlight the principles involved. IUPAC recommendations and SI units have been adopted throughout. The present book describes Computational Aspects in Physical Chemistry in three chapters which include a synopsis of commonly used statements in BASIC Language, List of Programs, and Projects. Beginning with a brief synopsis of instructions/statements available in BASIC language, the book discusses a few preliminary illustrations highlighting the use of these statements. These are followed by illustrative programs based on the principles and basic concepts of physical chemistry. Finally, the more involved applications are described as recommended projects. Salient Features: • Brief synopsis of commonly used instructions/statements in BASIC language • Instructions/Statements illustrated through a few preliminary computer programs • Computer applications in the field of Physical Chemistry highlighted through inclusion of programs

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ISBN : 9789339223830